California Roads - Old US 99 - Imperial Co.

Former US 99, Imperial County

The original US 99 Mexicali crossing was at what's now Calle Agustín Melgar, becoming Hefferman Ave. in Calexico. These shields are posted at the next intersection, 1st St. The crossing was later realigned (for more capacity) into Imperial Av. 3 blocks west, which is now CA 111.

Remaining photos are southbound on Coolidge Springs Rd., an old US 99 alignment west of Desert Shores (Salton Sea) off of CA 86.

The Santa Rosa Mountains rise to the west and northwest in the last 2 photos.

The settlement of Coolidge Springs is basically the buildings right at the curve in the road, and then it heads east back into CA 86. Desert Shores is newer but has grown to be much more significant. That plus the sharpness of the curve are why CA 86 now bypasses this road.

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