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I got as much as I could of the first photo close up in the other two, just missing the "San."

MLK, Jr. Way was Grove St. until 1984. I-980 dates to 1985, but that's only the last piece of it, so I'm not surprised this sign is older.

The onramp from 27th St./Northgate Ave. splits. Since I-980 ends at I-580, it's just signed for the route it's becoming, CA 24.

The last exit on I-980 and up its ramp, or a study in why the MUTCD prohibits multiple down arrows over a single lane.

I didn't even realize I captured these button copy signs that reference the next exit north on CA 24 (MLK, Jr. Way/51st St.). Bart? Simpson? Bay Area Rapid Transit is BART, so this must be the boy.

Both of these shields appear to have been patched. The first is still on CA 24, technically, but after the I-580 ramps have left. What strikes me as odder than the patches, odder than the green "WEST", is that both shields have a lazy "0." What other highway were these reused from with lazy "0"s? No x80s have been decommissioned, so why were there any shields available for reuse at all? Or does Caltrans just make blank 80 shields and send them to the Bay Area district to install on whichever highway it needs?

Between those two shields, we have an exit and a note that the last two signs are left and right on the same structure. Clearly lanes have been added to this exit since its inception.

Once again, the last two are left and right on the same gantry.

To the end of the road, still elevated over I-880 and thus not quite part of it just yet. Notice how 11th St. was signed before Exit 1C but not at the exit. What changed?
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