California Roads - I-805


The Adams Avenue overpass, looking northbound.

I-805 NB

I-805 SB

This and the overpass are about the only non-sign photos I have for I-805. Instead of putting mile markers on the right side of the road, as one would expect based on what every other state does, this is California, so things are done differently and they're painted on the median. That said, I actually LIKE this. It's cheaper to install and easier to maintain, because signs can get knocked over, posts bent, etc. People who need to use mile markers are generally either stopped on the shoulder or passengers looking for where they are - drivers tend to have more important signs to look at. Once exit numbers are actually installed - no, wait, I take that back, IF they were installed in the proper location above the sign instead of buried inside it - there will be plenty of driver information to go around.

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