California Roads - I-80


3rd St. NB and onto I-80 EB at Exit 2, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The last three photos are somewhat to the east, over Carquinez Strait and entering Vallejo. The suspension bridge replaced the original 1927 truss at this location, but the current EB span, built in 1958, is nearly identical.

EB near Exit 40, courtesy Matt Kleiman. Location courtesy Dominic Ielati.

Courtesy John Krakoff: Westbound nearing Donner Pass in Truckee (everyone must pass through some booths here), eastbound at Exit 180, and northbound on Donner Pass Road at Exit 188A (it's part of a pair of interchanges that are complete when considered together).

All remaining photos are courtesy Michael Summa, and date from 1976, and are westbound.

Yay, button copy! These were both just off the highway, somewhere in the desert.

The first is an old white-on-black speed limit sign, of which only one example is known to still exist (I-84 in CT). It hangs above a truck lane. The second is California's original style of advisory limit signage, which just recently caught on in the MUTCD.

From Douglas Blvd. in Roseville at I-80 Exit 103. Thanks to Dominic Ielati for finding it with so little to go on.

I-880 was the bypass of Sacramento. If you know your Interstates, I-880 is now south of San Francisco, heading around the bay to meet I-580. This is because I-80 was rerouted onto I-880 around Sacramento, and former I-80 became I-80 Business (and also parts of US 50 and CA 99). Note the tacked-on 99 shields on I-880, which don't make sense to me (since these signs pretty clearly did not have US 99 shields on them before, or any other kind of shields than I-5).

Ending up at the San Francisco Bay Bridge from Oakland. CA 480 was the Embarcadero Freeway, pre-earthquake. Now, half of the Embarcadero takes traffic into downtown San Fran, but doesn't carry the number, leaving 180 and 480 available for future Interstates (if any fit).

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