California Roads - I-8 WB - E. of CA 125

east of CA 125

Winterhaven Drive NB at the first exit west of Arizona.

Down the Exit 166 ramp. CA 186 begins to the left.

Of course, the last photo is on the Exit 159 ramp. The first photo is button copy, so the inspection station must have been a fixture on the highway for quite some time (at least 10 years). I'd have expected it to be better done by now than a tent in the middle of the road.

The sign in the last photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro and gone now. I've also included some dunes to show you what you can't access. (The rest area is in the median, and they don't want people running across the highway.) There are more Imperial Dunes photos on the Non-Roads page linked at bottom.

The advantage of heading into the sun is that I have to use flash, so everything reflective shows up. The sign in the last photo is labeled "47049." I wonder if every sign in the state has a unique identifier like this, or only on this route, or only signs of a certain age?

All the way down to the Exit 107 ramp.

CA 98 WB out of Calexico, with nothing between there and I-8 (Exit 87).

Imperial Hwy. SB at Exit 89.

Starting from said Exit 89, the wind farm comes right up to the road. That's a bit surprising, considering the consequences if a tractor-trailer drifts off the road. Just call him Don Quixote.

The last two photos are on the Exit 17 C-D road. Toward the beginning of this signage run, the EB and WB sides of I-8 end up a mile apart as the EB side follows old US 80 and the WB side follows a different canyon on a smoother alignment. That's neat from a roadgeek perspective and cool from the air, but from the ground, all I have is scenery (see link at bottom).

The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry. Main St. here is Exit 16, and the same Main St. as seen in the last photo run (back at Exit 20), but it's no longer former US 80 here. The distance sign listing San Diego 15 is to downtown, but misleading because this is already part of San Diego, which has annexed its way out into the exurbs. Typically, distance signing for a city is dropped once inside the limits, even a city this expansive.

Again, on the left and right of the same gantry.

The first two photos are on the same gantry, and the last is on the Exit 14B ramp.

The Exit 14A ramp leaves just before the CA 125 overpass. Photos continue on the next page.

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