California Roads - I-8 EB - E. of CA 125

east of CA 125

Just east of the CA 125 dividing line (with a view of that interchange) and down the Exit 14C ramp.

On down the Exit 17C C-D road, which is signed for CA 67 just like the previous Exit 17B, despite no advance signage letting you know of the redundant exit. Obviously, this loop was part of the original cloverleaf interchange that predated the newer flyover, but that doesn't explain why it is still signed the same way. As for why it was retained at all, it gives access to the first exit on CA 67, Broadway/Fletcher Pkwy., although as little as CA 67 is signed for this exit, there's nothing at all letting you know about Broadway/Fletcher Pkwy. It would make a lot more sense to let traffic know before Exit 17B about this situation.

The third and fourth photos are courtesy Matt Kleiman.

First four photos are courtesy Matt Kleiman. See how the elevation is in terms of feet? Keep that in mind.

Imperial Highway NB at Exit 89, and then both sides of the onramp.

Hey, look at that, farms in the "desert," and below elevation SEA LEVEL at that. That's probably more appropriately shown as elevation 0, given my earlier caption that I told you to note, but then there would be the obligatory metric conversion, etc.

The first, third, and fifth (last) photos are courtesy Matt Kleiman.

The next to last photo is again from Matt.

The first and fourth photos are also from Matt. (Since I was traveling WB, most of his EB photos were much better than mine.)

County routes may deserve their own signs in NJ, but I haven't seen advance junction signs on freeways in other states. These are all Matt's photos.

The end of the state, with an obstructed view of the old Ocean to Ocean Bridge across the Colorado River. It was built in 1914 and carried US 80 until I-8 was built.

Winterhaven Dr. SB at Exit 172.

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Business I-8 (old US 80), El Cajon
Onto El Cajon Blvd., former Business I-8 (old US 80)

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