California Roads - I-8 EB - W. of CA 125

west of CA 125

This photo was on the WB side, but facing back east. West of I-5, the median has been redone in this oceanic theme.

The last photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro, and is in the median just across from the -mile advance for Mission Center Rd. (coming up soon). My camera decided it couldn't be two places at once.

Taylor St. EB at the I-8 EB Exit 3 onramp, with Hotel Circle South EB ahead.

The last photo is on the Exit 5 ramp and is courtesy Lou Corsaro. The mainline signs formerly just said "Mission Center Road" on two lines. All of the Exit 4B/4C (CA 163) button copy has been replaced, which is reason enough to hate the new signs, but look at how ugly they are!

Auto Circle NB from Camino Del Rio South, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The first two signs are on the left and right of the same gantry. The last is on the Exit 6A ramp. "Qualcomm Way" is covering up "Stadium Way."

The first photo shows another misguided new sign, while the last two are on the Exit 6B ramp. "Only" should be "Exit Only" with the arrow inside (and in black), the exit tab should be on top of the sign and rectangular (all on one line), and the arrows aren't even the right shape to begin with. (The stems are too thick.)

The last photo is on the Exit 8 ramp after I-15 NB traffic has already peeled off. All of those patches for CA 15 are covering up 40th Street, which was the surface connection from here south to the old beginning of the freeway at I-805. It took a great shoehorning effort to complete the freeway through the Kensington and Adams North neighborhoods (among others) between 40th St. and Central Ave.

The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry.

On the Exit 10 offramp, and then on College Ave. NB at that spot. The arrows no longer match the markings, as the right lane is now a free-flow turn onto College Ave. The left lane is still ostensibly for Alvarado Rd. (via cutting across College Ave. at a traffic light to get in the next left-turn lane), while the center lane is ostensibly for College Ave. but isn't connected to the right lane and requires stopping at the light to enter College Ave. I don't see why anyone would use the center lane.

The last photo is ont he Exit 14A ramp.

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