California Roads - I-780

Photos are WB until the very end. I-780 was once the north end of I-680, so the mileposts count up from east to west even though the newly assigned exit numbers follow standard west-east progression, a rare case when there is no correlation.

Exit 3B is Military West. Just Military West, which becomes Military East downtown, which means that Benicia's main street is named Military. Dear Benicia, this isn't like Broadway or Boulevard. You need more.

The first of the narrow shields and of the button copy. The little brown plaque proclaims that the state park allows... enroute camping. First of all, there's no way you can read that text at highway speed. Second of all, what? Does your vehicle have to be moving while you camp? That's actually sort of correct; you can camp for one night only but then you have to be moving on.

All the other button copy capitalizes MILE. Why not here? (And JCT or JUNCTION.)

Remaining WB button copy and narrow shield until the freeway ends at Lemon St. The CA 37/Napa exit is to I-80 EB to bypass Vallejo. I'm unclear as to the green space left of the last I-80 shield. Was that WEST? It couldn't have had a US 50 shield, could it?

Or maybe it was just blank like this EB sign seems to have been. These are on the left and right of the I-80 WB overpass as I-780 EB begins.

Exits 1A-1B to parent I-80
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