California Roads - I-5 NB - San Diego

, San Diego

Above: Courtesy Matt Kleiman, and the right shape, which is rare in California.

One I took, decidedly the wrong shape.

State name shields on the eastbound Camino de la Plaza. One of these shields just can't be the right standard.

Brand new, so there's no excuse for such shoddy craftsmanship.

NB speedometer check post, courtesy Matt Kleiman and gone now. Thanks to Dominic Ielati for explaining what was going on with these, which have since disappeared.

Interestingly, although NB Exit 11B feeds straight into Plaza Blvd. EB, all of the other Exit 11B ramps are to and from 8th St. two blocks to the north.

Click on the last photo for an older version courtesy Matt Kleiman. Note that EXIT ONLY has become EXIT mysteriously. CA 15 becomes I-15 less mysteriously, after passing I-805, and someday will be completely absorbed into I-15.

The last photo is on the Exit 15B ramp. The right fork turns into Pershing Drive, but that sign's not button copy. Check out the ancient VMS in the third photo.

The last photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro. The truck restrictions sign set off the left one or two lanes, depending on total number, for cars to battle it out for master of the traffic jam.

The last photo is on the Exit 19 ramp (Old Town Ave.). The right arrow is technically Hortensia St., and it is a consistent pastime of Caltrans to always label the actual intersected street regardless of its importance, but really, Hortensia is just a dead end in a few blocks, so the right arrow ought to point to San Diego Ave.

Laurel St. WB at India St., which becomes the I-5 NB frontage road, and then feeds into San Diego Ave. near Old Town.

Down the Exit 20 ramp and onto the eastern fork. It's not the best idea to have all of the arrows on both signs angled to the right, even if the ramp does curve that way. Just a tad misleading.

You'll want to check out the signs off this exit (21) on the Mission Bay page.

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