California Roads - I-5 - L.A. & north

, Los Angeles and north

Above: The wrong shape is all too common in California. The SB ones are courtesy Matt Kleiman.

CA 55 NB in Santa Ana in 1986, courtesy Michael Summa. The second photo was way in the background on the exit ramp, and shows Los Angeles (NORTH 5) to the left and San Diego (SOUTH 5) to the right.

I-5 SB at I-605 in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa.

I-5 NB with traffic from I-10 EB, but technically not with I-10. To explain, I-10 follows US 101 to the San Bernardino Freeway, but there's no WB link onto 101 SB, and no link in either direction from 101 to the Santa Monica Freeway (I-10 to the west). I-5 has all the connections and nearly enough lanes to make it work. The third and fourth photos are on the same gantry, left and right sides; I got too much resolution to feel right about downsizing the photo 50%. So enjoy your button copy.

SB photos along the same stretch. Unlike northbound, where I-10 is Exit 135C, there is no exit number for I-10 in this direction. This maddening inconsistency is just par for the Caltrans course.

SB at I-405, the slow way through Los Angeles, courtesy Matt Kleiman.

SB, unfortunately opposite my direction of travel, approaching the beginning of I-210. It appears to say I-210 EAST (as an afterthought) Freeway, Pasadena. There are two signs because the one on the right is over the truck roadway.

NB into Newhall Pass Interchange reconstruction (now Exit 162), where the newly built median HOV lanes on I-5 are going to be tied into the pre-existing HOV lanes on CA 14. The first two signs are on the same bridge, over the regular (left) and truck (right) lanes, facing into the evening sun. The truck roadway follows the old routing of I-5 (originally US 99). Between the railroad on the left and the hills on the right, Caltrans ended up finding it easier to build a new 2-way roadway on the west side than widening the original highway. The car/truck distinction is unusual over such a short stretch, rather than a local/express type setup.

SB into the same interchange, first two photos courtesy Matt Kleiman and the remainder mine but taken while heading north. Click on the last photo for Matt's nighttime version.

Have some NB signage. Exit 170 (Magic Mountain Parkway) was renamed from Saugus Road - or possibly Ventura Road, because most accounts I can find say the original name was Saugus Ventura Rd., but that would never have fit on this sign in button copy.

Some SB photos, last one obviously courtesy Matt Kleiman (since it was taken at night). You can also click the penultimate photo for Matt's version and see which you like better. Either too much sun, or none at all.

More sun washout at Rye Canyon Rd. The first photo was supposed to be of the preceding distance sign, but ended up giving a much better shot of Six Flags Magic Mountain.

All SB, courtesy Matt Kleiman.

Courtesy Michael Summa and dating to 1983, these photos start in a rest area just south of the Oregon border, which coincides with the I-5/CA 96 interchange, and head south toward Redding from there (in colorized manner). Notice that the LGS shields lack state names, but are extra-wide to make up for it.

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