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I-405 is the San Diego (once known as Sepulveda) Freeway, running past Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Sepulveda is the name of the boulevard it parallels, which in turn is named after a family that once lived in the area. I-405 was originally intended to bypass most of L.A. and serve southbound travel to San Diego and Mexico (hence the name), but with the sprawl of the city, "the 405" is now every bit as congested as "the 5."

Two southbound photos heading toward San Diego, taken in 1986 by Michael Summa. Long Beach in the first photo is reached via I-710, and I-605 is always known as "Freeway." Notice that the I-110 shields are patched over the original CA 11 state route shields for the highway. To see one in 1976, before 11 disappeared, go to the Summa photos page.

At the end of the NB ramp to I-110 (Exit 37), a newer style of button copy that improperly leaves a green margin outside the white border. At least it's still button copy. The right side of this assembly is Exit 10 advance signage (still not signed as such) on I-110 NB.

Looking south at the I-105/I-405 interchange as I land at LAX.

All remaining photos are taken northbound and predate the advent of exit numbers in the late 2000s.

These photos are all on the C-D road from Century Blvd. CA 42 no longer exists.

Last photo is on the ramp to I-10.

The sign on the right of the last photo is on the C-D road that leads to the Wilshire Blvd. exit.

Ending on the Sunset Blvd. exit.

Ending the way we began, with a Michael Summa photo from 1986, NB.

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