California Roads - I-40/US 95

All photos on the freeway itself are EB.

The last photo is on the Exit 2 ramp. I don't think the MCL base makes a great roadside business to patronize. They have some killer souvenirs, though. Literally.

Exit 33 on the mainline and on Hector Rd. NB.

After US 95 SB has joined I-40 (at the ugly I- shield atop the page, although I always like CA's US cutouts), the distance sign omits the fact that Kingman and Flagstaff are not in California. Don't give me the excuse that "AZ" adds width to the sign, just do it.

Signs in Needles at the bottom of the EB and WB Exit 141 ramps, respectively.

Not daring to write another state's name, California puts "HISTORIC" on top of the US 66 shield.

Onto US 95 alone
Exit 141 to old US 66 (I-40's predecessor)

Into Arizona on I-40
Arizona Exit 1 to old US 66, Mohave CR 10
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