California Roads - I-380


I-380 EB begins from I-280 NB and SB ramps and merges into a vacant mainline. The wide shoulder and concrete lanes being crossed were supposed to continue the freeway west through the mountains to CA 1 in Pacifica, over the San Andreas Fault. With more development west of the stub, I'm not sure that the extension is still alive, but I don't see an indication that it's been officially canned.

You get a better picture of what's still there on the WB approach. I wonder if the I-280 sign originally said "RIGHT LANE[S]" below in anticipation of it being an exit instead of the end.

I-380 ends in a flash with just one intermediate interchange at CA 82. This sign is on the EB ramp to US 101 SB, now numbered Exit 6A.

A different progression of signs and roadways leads to what I'll consider the terminus of I-380 at North Access Rd. (it technically ends at the US 101 centerline), where long term parking is south on Airport Blvd.

Heading west from North Access Rd. takes one seamlessly into the I-380 mainline, where the first two signs (left/right on the same gantry) define your choices and the third sign is on what I may as well call the Exit 6 ramp (since this is technically not I-380 yet, it may technically be unnumbered).

Exit 5 to I-280
Exit 6 to US 101
Exit 7 to S F Intl Airport
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