California Roads - I-238

I am heading due west, but I have to call these photos NB because I-238 is signed as north-south, inheriting its directionality from CA 238. I can't adequately explain why this had to be an Interstate and why it had to be 238. CA somehow won that battle with AASHTO even though the route is non-chargeable, meaning that no additional funding was made available by its designation. They were able to argue that all the other numbers were in use, despite I-480 having been previously decommissioned to CA 480 (the ill-fated Embarcadero Freeway stub) and CA 180 having always been a state highway. There were so many potential solutions here that Caltrans was uninterested in considering, such as extending I-205 west, that the AASHTO approval is a bit baffling.

As I-238 heads east south, CA 238 begins as Exit 34, which is I-580's exit numbering. I-238 SB does become I-580 EB up ahead, but first there is an exit to I-580 WB, which is... Exit 14. So the progression goes 15-34-14 as you head south, which is really east. Okay.

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Exit 14 to I-580
Exit 15 to CA 185
Exit 16A to I-880
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