California Roads - I-10/5

and I-10/I-5

Both of these signs were taken in 1976 by Michael Summa, and showcase the trial exit number signage that was never adopted on other California freeways until 30 years later. The first photo was on I-10 EB just after it begins (began). CA 1 is multiplexed with the first few hundred feet of I-10, but quickly leaves and heads back on its merry way. The second photo was from where I-10 begins a complicated interchange/somewhat-multiplex with I-5. Notice that only control cities are given, not directions, which was standard practice way back in the day for California. It took another 30 years to get exit numbers on California freeways.

WB at modern-day Exit 1A, end of the line. This is still the CA 1 exit after 35 years without exit numbers. (Or actually, with the old numbers typically left up on 35-year-old or more signs.)

WB; the last photo is on the Exit 1C ramp. I couldn't have said that a couple of years ago.

Most of the button copy has disappeared along I-10, leaving isolated scraps of WB advance signs for individual exits. I took the last photo for the narrow shield, but it also shows you silly Caltrans exit plaque policy. Is it that hard to remove the rest of the sign around the exit tab? There's no argument that can be made for wind loading, material usage, etc. that isn't equally valid while following the standards of the other 49 states.

The first sign has another wide I-10 shield and shows one of the first new California signs in a generation. The issue is that this immediately predated exit numbering coming to the state, so there's no room at all on the right sign, and for whatever reason, Caltrans doesn't do exit number plaques on top. They insist on the exit number being somewhere inside the sign (generally the upper right corner, but it's California, so it comes wherever they please), and there's not even room for that. I guess, again, this being California, it will never get a number until it's replaced, and then they'll forget and copy it exactly and have the same problem once more. The remaining signs follow the C-D road that will eventually become Exit 12 (both Hoover St. and Vermont Ave. appear to have the exact same number). In a sign for how much respect California has for exit numbers, they plastered a narrow detour shield right on top of it. Hey, who uses them anyway? No one in the last 60 years. All of these are again WB.

The varying wrong shields that can be found in California. The first and last ones, like the EB one atop this page, are typical incorrect Caltrans, made by squishing a 3-digit shape into a square 2-digit box. The middle one was simply never squished.

WB approaching the I-5 junction, where a spur of the San Bernardino Freeway continues to meet US 101. That spur is technically part of I-10, but the trouble is, there's no way in either direction to connect to the rest of I-10 thanks to missing ramps at the East Los Angeles Interchange (where 5, 10, and 101 meet CA 60). This is why I-10 is signed along I-5. I wondered what the I-10 patch was about, but the second photo seems to answer it - there was no shield at all on the sign originally. That seems like a poor explanation to me, too, so I'm hoping I'm wrong.

EB, courtesy Matt Kleiman.

Two more EB signs, the first on the ramp to CA 71.

Remaining WB button copy at I-15.

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