California Roads - Old US 99 - Diestelhorst Br.

Former US 99, Diestelhorst Bridge

All views looking north from Riverside Drive at the southern approach to the Union Pacific railroad bridge as I head west from CA 273/CA 299 toward Benton Dr.

Here's the bridge itself, seen from the Benton Dr. bridge.

From left to right, Quartz Hill Rd. EB at the northern railroad bridge approach.

One more look north from the east side of the approach, and I think we're good with the railroad. Let's get to the main attraction.

Starting west along the Sacramento River and turning south along the 1915 Diestelhorst Bridge from the 1996 Benton Drive span. The consistently spaced lamps tell you the old bridge has been preserved against its classic scenic backdrop.

A jaunt north across the original US 99 bridge (actually, predating US 99 by quite a few years) and ending with one southward photo.

Special architectural details include the builders' plaque, lamp base and lantern, and the concrete finish performed by wood planks. That was 1915 concrete technology at its finest.

More western views toward a peak I cannot find a name for. There's a Mount Shasta Mine nearby, but CA has a different Mt. Shasta.

Eastern views from the Diestelhorst Bridge at Benton Dr. and the UP railroad. It's quite rare for a bridge as new as 1996 to be designed with open spandrel arches.

Finally, I snuck down under the bridges for the best arch vantages. This really shows how complimentary and complementary the new bridge is to the old.

East to newer old US 99, CA 273
More old US 99 photos in southern Shasta County

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