California Roads - Griffith Park

Griffith Park

I'll ease you into the awesome stuff to come. This old bridge carries Fern Dell Dr. north to Red Oak Dr. in the southwest of the park.

Pretty awesome? Leaving Griffith Park Observatory, this NB sign points down the end of what becomes Fern Dell Dr. Vermont Canyon Rd. continues ahead. The wall on the mountain is for Mt. Hollywood Trail, nothing drivable.

Thought you might want to see the SB sign also.

Okay, tunnels are cool, but this one's pretty nondescript, so what's so awesome? Well first, the Mt. Hollywood Tunnel (or Vermont Canyon Rd. Tunnel) was built in the 1920s, so show some respect to your elders. Second... squint a little and let your eyes get a little fuzzy. Now imagine one of your favorite movies with a narrow tunnel in it. Now think of where most movies are produced. This is close, convenient, and easily closed to traffic. With a little cinematography, this seemingly short tunnel can be stretched out as long as needed to carry the scene.

I close on one of the most famous road photos you don't recognize. Above the tunnel entrance you can see, faintly, an arch of holes indicating something has been removed. The thing that was affixed was a decorative arch for a movie shoot. The movie? Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This is the portal to Toontown.

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