California Roads - Old US 99 - Gorman

Former US 99, Gorman

Gorman Post Rd. is a mostly unremarkable alignment of original US 99, but the southeast end has a surprise. Surprise, original concrete! Let's follow it.

The old road is cut off by CA 138, which comes swooping in from a shiny wye interchange with I-5 to the southwest. From here to there, CA 138 is a 4-lane divided highway. As it meets old US 99, it squeezes back into the old 2-lane footprint.

Back out to modernity.

The other end of Gorman Post Rd. is a relatively nondescript dead-end (now even a cul-de-sac) at I-5 north of Gorman. However, an interesting feature is that there are clearly 3 concrete lanes under the asphalt, seen NB and SB in these respective photos. Either this was striped with a NB climbing lane heading toward Tejon Pass, or this debuted as a "suicide highway" with a 2-way center passing lane. Given the location, a climbing lane is more likely.

US 99 NB's old alignments are connected by turning south through I-5 Exit 202 to Ralph's Ranch Rd. This interchange features the only instance I've found in California of one button copy sign at the first ramp but two for the second, one on near right and the other at far left.

US 99 SB's connection, heading north, features the same phenomenon.

Continue south on old US 99 to CR N2 (Ridge Route)
Continue north on old US 99 to Lebec

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