California Roads/Non-Roads - Old US 99 - Garvey Ave.

Garvey Avenue (Los Angeles Co.), former US 99

All photos were taken eastbound (former US 99 SB).

These are still on Ramona Blvd., at Campus Rd. in East L.A. and Centre Plaza Dr. in Monterey Park.

Now Garvey Ave. pulls away from Ramona Rd., which stopped being a Blvd. when it crossed into Alhambra, and defines the north edge of Monterey Park for a bit. It was paved with four 10' concrete lanes as part of US 99, but since 12' is now the standard, the old roadway barely covers 1 lane each way and the center turn lane.

All at the same intersection, Casuda Canyon Dr. passes from Monterey Park to Alhambra.

Through Monterey Park to South El Monte and on into regular El Monte for the railroad bridge. Notice the older sign that spells out "vertical clearance" instead of just giving the dimensions.

Durfee Ave. NB at the east ends of Garvey Ave. and El Monte, then turning east onto I-10. There's a matching but much newer shield on the left side of the ramp.

East of the Exit 30 merge from El Monte, Garvey Ave. maintains a presence as intermittent frontage roads on each side of I-10. This photo is from one of the easterly ones at Exit 37B in West Covina.

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