California Roads - US 66 - Figueroa St.

Figueroa St., former US 66

All photos are northbound (former US 66 EB).

Near downtown, Figueroa St. turns into a freeway onramp. Arroyo Seco Pkwy. (now CA 110) opened in 1940, and carried US 66 up to Colorado Blvd. from then until 1964, when 66 was truncated to Pasadena east of that point. From 1934 to 1940, US 66 and Figueroa St. were continuous here, passing through the Figueroa St. Tunnels that CA 110 NB now occupies (and for three brief years, carried both directions of Arroyo Seco Pkwy. until the SB side was constructed). For now, intervening photos are at the big link at bottom.

A big pink welcome upon exiting CA 110. Prior to 1934, there was no cut through Elysian Park. US 66 followed North Broadway from downtown L.A. to Huntington Drive and Fair Oaks Ave., meaning the iconic Santa Monica Pier that everyone considers the start of US 66 was not originally part of the route! (In fact, it never actually was, unless westward travelers missed the last turn.) The Figueroa St. Tunnels allowed US 66 to bypass congested Lincoln Heights, not to mention South Pasadena, and took advantage of the 1912 Colorado Blvd. bridge already in place.

The car is above Family Dental and Orthodontics - I don't think that was the original business at that location. The coldest beer is at Ave. 59.

Looking north at the San Gabriel Mountain foothills.

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