California Roads/Non-Roads - Old US 99 - San Fernando Rd./Blvd.

San Fernando Road/Boulevard, former US 99

Photos progress southward.

San Fernando Rd. enters L.A. and immediately has a sign error at the I-5/CA 14 SB exit ramp. It was fixed within a year.

Into the city of San Fernando, an oasis in the sea of Los Angeles.

Back out of San Fernando and across the Pacoima Wash on a 1925 bridge. Ignore the shiny parallel bike span.

SB and NB button copy.

Plenty of old stuff as I continue across Tujunga Wash, some of it mobile.

The end of N. Clybourn Ave. faces this faded sign in Sun Valley (part of L.A.).

San Fernando Rd. enters Burbank and becomes San Fernando Blvd., then ceases to exist. The construction you see is related to the widening of I-5 but is not related to improving San Fernando Blvd. The former NB lanes that came under I-5 and the parallel railroad (last photo) are being filled in. All traffic will, in the future, be forced west on Empire Ave. and have to turn north on Victory Way to get back to this point. The Verdugo Mountains provide the backdrop.

Victory Way NB becoming San Fernando Blvd.

The other side of construction, this is former San Fernando Blvd. NB on the east side of I-5, still being forced north from Empire Ave. in October 2014 five months after it closed. That's five months of dirt fill nearly obliterating the old bridge. It ain't 15'-5" no more, pardner. I note that the I-5 button copy sign was still around in 2019 but years past being valid, since the ramp was reconstructed to connect from Empire Ave. into I-5 and San Fernando Blvd. NB is divided from it for its entire length instead of turning into it.

Back on track, the McCambridge Park War Memorial is at the northeast corner of Amherst Dr. The "B" in the mountains is for Burbank, a common Western practice for mountain cities.

By the time I get to CA 134, I'm out of Burbank and the Boulevard is a Road again in Glendale.

NB at a nameless CA 134, SB at Colorado St. toward a secret Spur I-5 (the Colorado St. Freeway Extension).

Two SB and one NB photo near the south end of San Fernando Rd., as old CA 99 prepares to bear onto Ave. 26. Today I learned the borders on these signs aren't button copy, just the letters and shield.

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