California Roads - Etiwanda Ave.

Etiwanda Avenue

SB, you know where. The way onto CA 60 toward Los Angeles (WB) is via Mission Blvd. Also, why didn't California pick up on using directions on signs?

SB signs leading up to Jurupa St. The shields in the second photo are terrible - while I like all Interstate shields to have the state name, such as in the first photo, it is mandatory for non-BGS CA state route shields to have it. The shape isn't right, anyway; it's that bloated design that pops up rarely but looks like it ate a smaller shield for breakfast.

The ramps from Etiwanda Ave. to I-10 EB join the I-10 exit ramp to Commerce Dr. and then split off at this sign.

Heading north toward the eponymous Etiwanda section of Rancho Cucamonga.

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