California Roads - San Diego CR S17

CR S17 EB and CA 125 NB in the first photo, and then CR S17 follows the exit ramp in the background of the second photo, turning right on Jamacha Blvd. What is a county route doing on a freeway? Read on.

CR S17 WB where it quite obviously turns onto the freeway. There's room on the top of the second BGS for a SOUTH 125, and one would be warranted because the freeway has been completed, but Caltrans is in no hurry to catch up to modernity. The last BGS is at Elkelton Blvd. and therefore should be "TO."

Sweetwater Rd. SB at CR S17 by the CA 125 interchange, again missing CA 125 South. Also notice how CA 54 East is missing? That's because CA intended to continue the freeway east from 125 and around to CA 94, meeting the other segment of CA 54. (Yeah, that's why you need an East here.) CR S17 follows the closest possible path to CA 54, Jamacha Blvd., and Caltrans may even officially consider the entire route of S17 to be part of 54 (at least in theory), but it's only signed as S17. That goes for the part on the CA 125 freeway, and it also goes for the short part of CA 94 from the 94/S17 junction to the 94/54 junction. To me, it would make more sense to end CA 54 at the end of the state maintained part, or at least to only begin CR S17 at the beginning of the county maintained part, but at least this way there's a clean endpoint on each side and a clear connection between them.

An EB BGS at the interchange, more confirmation of CR S17 following the freeway, and the ramp that takes it there.

Button copy for everyone! These are the NB, SB, EB, and WB mast arm signs at CR S17 (Jamacha Blvd.) and Grand Ave. in La Presa.

CR S17 WB, descending toward Sweetwater Reservoir. My guess is that the CA 54 freeway would have wedged between Jamacha Blvd. and the reservoir (and surrounding green area), behind these hills.

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