California Roads - CR N2/old US 99 - Ridge Rte.

CR N2 and Ridge Route, former US 99

CA 138 at the beginning of CR N2 and Ridge Route Rd. Once upon a time, US 99 bore right and CA 138 began to the left, when this was a Y intersection. As far back as I can find, CA 138 headed due east to CA 14 instead of following the more direct but less improved CR N2 straight to Palmdale (where it ends straight into the next segment of CA 138).

This may now be a farmhouse in the crook between CR N2 and CA 138, but it was once a telephone repeater station amplifying calls between L.A. and San Francisco. Back when this was US 99, for example. Thanks to Harrison Scott for this information, including that it was so remote back then that maintenance personnel lived there in cabins.

After the next photo, CR N2 heads east on Pine Canyon Rd. but my journey will continue south on the Ridge Route, which you can follow below.

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