California Roads - US 66 - Colorado Blvd.

, Colorado Boulevard

EB from Figueroa St., the route of US 66 for just a few years. It became Alternate US 66 from then until 1964, when that route disappeared and regular US 66 was pulled back to Pasadena, ending its 30 year run from Santa Monica.

San Rafael Blvd. SB from Exit 12 of CA 134, which is why there's button copy at a random intersection.

Across the historic Colorado Street Bridge (predating its designation as a Boulevard), with a quick view north along Arroyo Seco. The bridge was constructed years before US 66 was designated, and didn't carry 66 until the Figueroa St. Tunnels were constructed in 1934.

To get under the arches, take Arroyo Drive down from Holly St. on the east side of the bridge (across CA 134 on Orange Grove Blvd.). Photos look south from there and turning left at the end on Arroyo Blvd.

Looking west and east under the structure.

Coming back north, then passing under and concluding with another look east.

At the northeast corner of Orange Grove Blvd.

WB at the same intersection.

Plaza Station Post Office, which I am unable to find any information about but seems like a fascinating historical building. Was it originally a post office or a train station, or some other kind of station, or a plaza?

Yes, drive in shoes, not food. Fittingly (that's a pun), it's at Madison Avenue.

Continuing east. Receipts at the In-N-Out location on Colorado Blvd. show store location #2. With the original In-N-Out location unfortunately demolished, this is now the oldest remaining location of the best chain burger ever created. (Before you challenge that statement, you're wrong.) It has two drive-thru lanes and a pickup window with a 30 minute wait. It's still worth the wait to transport yourself back to a time when this was how America got food.

EB into East Pasadena. The old sign is at Rosemead Blvd., and predates the CA 210 extension that resulted in the newish shield posted below. (It's still I-210 here, but now it reinforces that you should enter the freeway to continue east with any expeditiousness. Which Route 66 mavens lack.)

Colorado Place continues the US 66 EB mainline - in my opinion, it should have swapped names with the Boulevard.

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