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CA 99, former US 99

This is overhead on Capitol Mall EB at 5th St. in Sacramento. 5th Street is not, and never was, CA 99 or CA 70. CA 70 doesn't, and has never, come into Sacramento. The helpful I-5 shield I omitted at the base of this gantry is the clue. Before it was 5, the freeway on the west side of the city was just plain US 99, then downgraded to CA 99. But wait! If this sign is recent enough to feature CA 99, isn't it also recent enough to feature I-5? Even if it was patched over later, there is plenty of room to put a 5 shield! And the freeway is actually I-5, as opposed to CA 70. Either I'm missing something or the people who designed this sign were.

CA 99 NB
CA 99 SB north of Atwater
CA 99 SB south of Atwater

CA 204/Business CA 99, Bakersfield
Old CA 99/US 99, Fresno
Business I-80 Sacramento and CA 99/Bus. I-80

Pre-freeway, the 1931 Jibboom St. Bridge carried CA 99 north out of Sacramento. It was actually CA 99 at a time that US 99 also existed - US 99W and US 99E each split out opposite sides of the city while CA 99 went straight up this way. Now it's the entrance to a park that was gated with a warning of severe tire damage when I visited.

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