California Roads - CA 96/old US 99

CA 96 and former US 99

CA 96 WB presents you with a decision soon after it begins. Go straight: less effort and stays with historic US 99, but you end up on CA 263. Turn right, you stay on CA 96, and will spend 130 miles wandering through forests away from other highways.

Anderson Grade Rd. WB through I-5 Exit 786, serving the south half of the interchange at CA 96's east end. The first photo is courtesy Michael Summa and dating to 1983, though you would find no difference today. I took the last photo for the scenic byway shield and the strange I-5.

Exiting the rest area onto Anderson Grade Rd., again not much has changed from Michael Summa's 1983 photo to my modern ones. As strange and geometrically inaccurate as it is, the sign was just replaced in kind.

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