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Right at the start of the freeway is "Maximum Speed" instead of "Speed Limit," indicating that you can safely go faster on the road. As an engineer, I am wont to travel the design speed. The last sign is all sorts of wrong, not surprising since it's new. (Caltrans should go around putting all the old signs back. I'd certainly enjoy my driving more.) I-15 doesn't begin for several more miles, so all those other CA 15 signs were actually right all along - imagine that! Also, after decades of using Interstate shields uniformly wider than tall for all routes, CA has reversed course and shows both Interstates in the standard, narrow shield. That's a way to save space, but it's wrong for I-805. Also, the "N" in North should be capitalized, and the bottom panel should read "EXIT ONLY" with a black arrow in the middle.

Past the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery - yup, the dome isn't for a church at all - to the Exit 4A ramp.

The last photo is on the Exit 9C ramp as CA 94 splits from CA 125 NB. The two routes never merge, but they run interwoven for a half-mile. The reason CA 94 is signed as an exit is because the left 3 lanes continue as the mainline onto 125 NB, but the mainline should really be signed as a left exit instead.


The last photo is the first sign west of the long CA 125 interchange, and is courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The last three photos (all for Exits 6B and 6A, though that means nothing without signage) are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The last photo is on the Exit 3 ramp. Now you know it's Exit 3.

If you choose "North," you get more button copy at Home Ave. (I was on I-805, and there were trees. Half a photo is better than none.)

The third and sixth (last) photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro. The 28th St. sign seems very haphazardly mounted, but it in fact faces traffic in the right lane. It's the CA 94 pull-through sign that's mounted flush to the bridge and thus at a skew, only partly visible to traffic. It's also the newer sign, so there being problems should come as no surprise.

In the span of consecutive gantries, signage goes from "oh, keep following CA 94, right this way!" to "YOUR HIGHWAY ENDS NOW."
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