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CA 905

EB button copy on the then-short (in 2011) freeway part of CA 905. As of late 2012, the entire road is a freeway.

The first half of WB freeway signage; the last photo is on the Exit 2A ramp. (The second and third photos are on the Exit 2B ramp, but they're also right alongside the mainline.)

Oro Vista Rd. looks like it went through at least two changes, but I can't track down the original name.

This EB sign (really, neither of them, but I'm looking at the cool overhead one) no longer exists, because as I said, the freeway has been completed. It's not as old as it appears, just not very reflective to begin with.

WB from the then-beginning of the freeway at Caliente Ave. to the future merge from Otay Mesa Rd. (which is now former CA 905). There's construction to the south to tie CA 905 into the newly built freeway to complete what will become I-905, and there's construction to the north for that future merge. As you can see from the blue sign, the WB mainline was once over by the hill.

Looking south along Caliente Ave., which is now Exit 3. Isn't it amazing that a year and a half from this photo, there's a completed interchange and freeway? So many other states take so many more years to get things done. Score one for Caltrans.

Looking west from the newly built Britannia Blvd. overpass at what has become Exit 6. There are a few curves to the alignment thanks to a strategically placed network of ridges.

Views of the freeway from the new EB Exit 6 onramp.

Looking west and east while parked on the stub ever briefly. I'm not sure because of construction, but it seems that Britannia Blvd. was ever so briefly part of CA 905, at least de facto.

One last look back west. I did not turn into a pillar of salt.

As CA 905 curves east, it merges with the former alignment seen here that came down from Otay Mesa Rd. The green sign in the background is on Otay Mesa at the beginning of CA 125. Someday, hopefully, CA 125 will cross over, obliterate this abandoned roadway, and have a freeway connection with CA 905. While I won't be happy about losing traces of old roads, having a stub freeway a few hundred feet from its logical terminus is even more grating.

The WB Exit 7 ramp to La Media Rd. There's no Exit 8, obviously reserving the number for CA 125, and the concrete merging in from the right is a stub that will eventually connect from CA 125 SB.

Otay Mesa Rd., former CA 905, EB at the current state of the CA 125 interchange. I'd love to unmask the bottom half of the sign (which is probably CA 905, not CA 125, South), but then California drivers would most likely drive into the fence.

Continuing EB on Otay Mesa Rd. past old CA 905 to old CA 905. What gives? The original alignment is truly what's seen in the first photo, which makes sense. During a construction stage, the connector in the last photo was built to temporarily carry CA 905 traffic while the freeway could be tied in. So call it old new 905.

Otay Mesa Rd. WB at and past the aborted CA 125. It makes sense that future CA 125 would be a logical place to access CA 905 SB, but traffic can do that right now at Exit 9 (Siempre Viva Rd.). Wherever people are coming from, it can't be appreciably (if at all) faster to come west to 125 only to head back east on 905 for a bit.

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