California Roads - CA 86/old US 99

and former US 99

All photos are southbound. The shields above are wide. California is large.

I shouldn't have lost this much daylight on the way to CA 78 in Brawley, but a flat tire intervened before the 2nd photo.

US 86 does not go to Imperial, or California at all. In fact, it doesn't exist, except on these overhead signs.

CA 86 turns left from Imperial Ave. onto Adams Ave. and joins Business I-8, which was coming up the opposite way on Imperial Ave. Straight is San Diego because that is the best way to I-8 WB. I-8 runs east-west, so Business I-8 should be signed EAST instead of SOUTH. That said, it runs a very elongated route north to here, east a few blocks on Adams, then curving south onto 4th St. (last photo) and back down again, so it's best to not even sign it directionally, in which case the older shields have it right.

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Former CA 86, Harrison St. (Riverside County)

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