California Roads - CA 84

CA 84 WB prepares to join US 101 NB.

With a wide shield, CA 84 EB turns from there onto Bayfront Expwy. and heads toward the Dumbarton Bridge across San Francisco Bay.

CA 84 EB at CA 114. Until 1984, this was CA 114 EB at CA 84, but the routes swapped from US 101 to here for whatever reason. I don't know if this sign really predates 1984, making it over 30 years old when I saw it, but if you're on CA 84 EB anytime after that, it can't help but be confusing. Really? 30 years, Caltrans?

CA 114 SB at US 101, but you might still think it's CA 84. The shields have since, mercifully, been removed.

Signs across the Dumbarton Bridge EB, not tolled in this direction but warning you as if it is. The brown sign for Ravenswood (Preserve) is in a parking area and the Dumbarton Rail Bridge to the south dates to 1910. It's lain dormant for decades but is occasionally considered for new cross-bay rail connectivity.

EB signs along the short freeway east of the bay, with the last two photos on the left and right of the same gantry. I understand that exit numbering includes the I-880 interchange (38) despite it being at-grade along CA 84. Also spot the replacement "E" among the I-880 shields patched over the old number of CA 17.

CA 84 EB/I-880 SB on their brief multiplex.

WB button copy from I-880 through the last free interchange (36). Notice the effective toll rate date of 7/1/10, still up on 10/20/14 in case you're really, really late to the party. The first sign was button copy until at least 2011, and I'm betting the ineffective graffiti shield is to blame for why that was removed and patched. Most shields cover the sides of the sign as well.

As soon as CA 84 EB exits I-880, it loops and gives you a chance to U-turn. CA 84 WB not pictured.

EB twists and turns on the way to CA 238 (see big link at bottom).

Another turn but WB.

On the other side of CA 238, CA 84 EB gets into the hills, or really stays below them in Niles Canyon, and old things start appearing. This 1948 bridge is on Old Canyon Rd., the old alignment of the west end of CA 84 in the canyon. The second bridge that returned it to the west side of Alameda Creek is now gone. This one is purportedly called Stanley Bridge, which is real nice.

Continuing east, the 1906 truss bridge carries (or bridges carry?) what's now the Niles Canyon Railway over CA 84.

CA 84's own bridge over Alameda Creek dates to 1928.

Please stop for cats' eye reflectors, on the north side of CA 84 at a private driveway. When you're stopped, making sure to be clear of traffic, keep looking up the pole...

The Magnetic Signal Co. of Los Angeles, Cal. would love for you to see their Magnetic Flagman, which is known among rail enthusiasts as a "wig-wag" signal because it rocks back and forth, light blinking, as a train approaches, obviously triggered by magnetic sensors in the tracks. I have no reason to believe this doesn't still work, as it appears to still be located at its original crossing, but it has since been supplemented by conventional flashing lights and bell. Even if it doesn't work, just being an original wig-wag in its original location earns it full credit.

You will be pleased to learn that the private road just east of the driveway has two of these beauts, again seemingly original. The road leads to the rail yard just to the east, so I again do not doubt that these are original and have a good chance of still being in working order. The far-side wig-wag lets you see the mounting of the audible bell.

I don't know how you move on from something like three wild wig-wags, but this is the next bridge east (1939), so it's as good a way as any. I don't know why the name was patched onto the old sign because it hasn't changed for as long as I looked back.

EB in Sunol at Pleasanton Sunol Rd., and the latter SB at the same spot.

WB button copy, pardon the blur.

CA 84 EB joins I-680 NB for a very brief spell, though CA 84 WB stays independent through the interchange.

CA 238 and CA 84/238

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