California Roads - CA 75

Palm Ave. WB and EB at I-5, the second photo being the end of CA 75 SB. I wonder what the BGS on the right replaced, since it's obviously newer.

The first photo is SB, again showing BGS tomfoolery, and the last photo is NB where CA 75 breaks up with Palm Ave. and turns north along the Silver Strand beach. It looks like a nice place to relax, but both air and water are a little too cold for my East Coast liking.

Not button copy, but older, NB. The SB side flies over the exit, but NB is at grade.

On the contrary, button copy is alive and well SB along the beach.

Northward views of San Diego and the upcoming Coronado Bridge.

Old overhead street signs heading NB through Coronado. The road is basically east-west in the heart of the city, and briefly goes the wrong way as it gets onto the bridge.

The technical name is San Diego-Coronado Bridge, so this is an error, plus it's the wrong color. (But it matches the bridge.)

This sign is supposed to be for the movable barrier on the bridge, but isn't very useful without something to indicate a "2" or "3." From the age of the sign, it appears the indicator fell off a long time ago and no one bothered to replace it.

Awesome arrows at the end of CA 75 NB. The directions were obviously added later, but as I stare at the scar on the left sign, it seems to show a former circular shield in the middle, not an Interstate, US highway, or even miner's spade (CA state route). I'll just assume it's nothing special.

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