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Secret CA 710

SB on this stub of a freeway that is supposed to be joined to and become part of I-710, and thus is currently numbered CA 710 (though not signed). There's a full 3 lanes each way of reserve capacity waiting for the connection, and the left SB lane still has Botts' dots from what I guess was the initial striping done when it was expected to complete the project in a timely manner.

Further down the freeway and up the only SB exit, with the last photo courtesy Kelly W. The advance signs are way above the freeway, 30 feet or more due to the hilly topography of Pasadena. How this stub is to connect to existing 710 (which ends at East Valley Blvd. just north of I-10) is a source of contention, with Pasadena residents opposing a surface freeway, but with a tunnelled freeway raising cost enough to indefinitely postpone the project. At least this link is still conceptually alive.

Traffic is forced off the freeway at California Avenue (why was that greened out?) and has to make its way through Pasadena to either CA 110 (just to the east) or farther to I-710.

California Blvd. EB and WB, respectively, at South Pasadena Ave. courtesy Kelly W. South Pasadena Ave. is the roadway extending south from the stub of 710.

Back north on CA 710, with the first photo facing the dead-end stub that doesn't yet have any traffic on it. Judging from other signs on I-210 at this junction, these may have started out blank as opposed to having a message ripped off. In fact, they may just be bare sign backs with not even background sheeting.

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