California Roads - CA 71

CA 71

SB button copy, captured traveling NB.

NB through heavy traffic at Mission Blvd., where a new exit is under construction to finish making CA 71 a freeway. The exit, now complete, is numbered 14B, although it's south of the former exit 14, which is now numbered 14A. Confusing much? This was the last traffic light on the system, which is why the delays propagated back so badly. It still beats the torrential downpours I could have otherwise faced.

There's no exit number for Pomona Blvd. The ramps were so substandard that they were closed shortly after I came through. Unusual in CA is two consecutive signs with right arrows - the first would normally be a "Next Right."

SB at then-exit 14 in 2011, now-exit 14A, with warning lights for Mission Blvd. saying the freeway will end in mile. Those are gone now.

Here's the light-less scene in 2014. CA 71 was built out as a six-lane freeway across the Holt Ave. overpass, but then quickly narrows to 4 lanes with minimal shoulders to get over a railroad and never recovers. The wider concrete freeway picks up at CA 60, so this appears to be a case of abandoning the plans to destroy a small part of Pomona to complete the road the way it's intended to be.

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