California Roads - CA 67

CA 67

The first exit on CA 67 heading north from I-8 can't be access from the main lanes from CA 67 NB, which come from I-8 EB and stay on the inside until north of Broadway/Fletcher. Interestingly, the old cloverleaf loop from I-8 EB to CA 67 NB remains even after the flyover was built - although it's not signed clearly, I'm sure it has to do with getting access to this exit.

Continuing north past the end of the freeway and almost into the mountains.

Starting back SB on the surface road.

Now onto the SB freeway. The last three signs are the left, center, and right of the same gantry, quite up close and personal.

Once again, left and right sides of the same gantry.

Finishing up the SB run. The flashing lights in the first photo pertain to ramp metering ahead - three signals over three lanes, and then they all come together into one. The second photo is at the top of the ramp from Broadway/Fletcher Pkwy. to I-8 WB. Getting to I-8 EB from there (or from CA 67 SB) is easy - just head south on Magnolia Ave. to the other side of the cloverleaf. That makes the presence of this sign most confusing, because who would need to make a U-turn via I-8 WB? All I can think of is that back when there was just a cloverleaf at I-8, this ramp only merged with the SB-WB movement, but even so, it should have been removed a long time ago if that were the case.

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