California Roads - CA 60

CA 60

The combined Exit 3B ramp leading to I-710 NB. With all those patches on the sign, it's obvious this was not the original condition. How about CA 7, no direction given, Long Beach Fwy to Pasadena? (I-710 was never completed through the city, so peculiarly, traffic is signed onto I-10 EB to get there, when the best way would likely be to stay on the end of 710 and follow local roads from there.)

All photos were taken while traveling WB. Sorry.

Hamner and Milliken Aves. are Exit 40. Until signs are updated to reflect that (no guarantees that they'll be replaced), it's easy to see an extra square green space left on the sign. This was former CA 31, which was designated along streets near the future I-15 corridor until the Interstate could be constructed. It lasted until 1971, so these signs are obviously older than that.

Remaining interchange button copy on the EB Exit 41 ramp.


All photos were taken while traveling into the sun. Sorry.

Just like EB, the second photo is on the Exit 41B ramp.

Just like EB, there is again space for a CA 31 shield. Unlike EB, this is Exit 41A in this direction instead of 40, despite being signed for the same streets. Caltrans sure isn't used to exit numbering.

The last three photos follow the Exit 29B ramp onto CA 71 NB. Rio Rancho Rd. is Exit 13 on CA 71.

The Exit 29A gore sign is visible from the Exit 29B ramp.
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