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CA 58

The CA 58 freeway ends abruptly at Real Rd. just west of CA 99 on the south side of Bakersfield. This is not really the way to sign a "T" intersection. Soon that won't matter, as these signs will be removed and the freeway will be completed into the new Westside Parkway in 2021-2022. This is all part of a plan to extend the CA 58 freeway out to I-5, but there is nothing concrete west of what you're about to see below. CA 178 was also supposed to cross Bakersfield as a freeway and tie into the planned 58.

California never signed exit numbers until the 2010s. Now, it's got an exit tab on a road without any exit numbers. Progress! This is westbound on the aforementioned Westside Parkway, which in 2014 extended from Truxtun Ave. to Allen Rd. without connecting with any state highways. I at least know the blank on the second sign will be filled in, since the parkway has since been extended to Stockdale Hwy. The first blank said Exit 44 during construction, but someone realized there was no point 44 miles away that made any sense to reference, so it's been patched over. If this should become part of CA 58 in the future, the exit numbers may be reinstated to reflect 58's mileage (over 100 here). As of 2020, the thought is to extend CA 58 west on Stockdale Hwy. to I-5 and then rejoin the current alignment for the westward jaunt through the mountains. Construction began in 2019 to link the east end of Westside Pkwy. into the stub of the CA 58 freeway that you saw above.

Before then, the freeway needs to be built out to Stockdale Hwy., and what you see here is that 1.5 mile extension past Allen Rd. underway.

Looking west from Allen Rd.

Renfro Rd. is getting a new overpass for the future freeway, and it's being built for a future Renfro Rd. Right now, the road narrows to 2 lanes north of here, but the bridge is built for an eventual widening to 4 lanes (maybe with a center turn lane).

Here's Stockdale Hwy. at the new freeway terminus, which opened in 2015. The former through road was diverted into a "T" to make the parkway into the through road, in anticipation of it being the CA 58 mainline (though not a freeway for now).

The future parkway merges into Stockdale Hwy.

A short jaunt east on the current CA 58 freeway.

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