California Roads - CA 56

CA 56

WB button copy, ending with the wrong use of down arrows (they should never be tilted and should always be over the lanes they represent). The other signs all get the arrows right. The stretch from Exit 7 (Black Mountain Rd. to Exit 2 (Carmel Country Rd.) is sadly devoid of button copy.

The EB onramp from El Camino Real, former US 101.

Starting off EB. The last two photos are shared with the Exit 1 offramp and the El Camino Real onramp; the first of those two is on the same gantry as the following photo:

Continuing EB. As I said, no button copy from Exits 2 to 7. Exit 8 showcases a button copy tilde, a rarity because most states never use it - except this really isn't a tilde at all. It sorta looks like a circumflex, or maybe a little hat. A cocky beret would be more becoming on a French letter. Maybe a saucy F or smooth CH.

Ted Williams Parkway continues east from the end of CA 56, named for him because he was born here, not for anything else he did. The CA 56 freeway would have extended out this way from I-15 (all new signs at that junction as well), but instead it ends at Twin Peaks Rd., where this photo was taken.

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