California Roads - CA 54

CA 54

An assortment of EB signs.

Up on the Reo Drive overpass at Exit 3, NB.

Briarwood Rd. NB at CA 54 Exit 5.

Briarwood SB.

Starting off WB into the fierce sun. Is it really necessary to abbreviate "Way" as "Wy" for one sign?

Continuing WB; the last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry.

Finishing up the WB photos, sun growing ever fiercer. The last mile or so of CA 54 straddles tthe Sweetwater River in the median. It was rerouted straight into San Diego Bay when the Bay Freeway (CA 54) was extended from I-805 to I-5.

Continue east on CR S17, uncompleted CA 54

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