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CA 52


The last photo is on the Exit 3 ramp. The photo before that was squeezed together to eliminate excess gantry.

Since when do freeways have dips?

I've seen this elsewhere, but I'll ask the question here - how is "East" a patch? What could possibly have been below there on a due east-west route? Was this sign recycled from the westbound side?

All on the Exit 7 ramp, middle photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. Kearny Villa Rd. to the north briefly follows an old stretch of I-15, from back when 15 ran into what's now CA 163.

Hey, look at that, an exit number! The future is now!

Click to drive the newest section of CA 52, east from CA 125 to the merge with CA 67 SB. Keep an eye out for traffic sensing loops embedded in the roadway, which can count vehicles and sense when traffic starts to slow.

Two new signs, but only Exit 6 gets numbered. Is I-15 as Exit 7 just not important enough to note? I don't know why I ask for consistency from Caltrans, it's like asking for DCR in Massachusetts to follow basic sign standards.

All on the long Exit 7 ramp, which is just as much a C-D road through the interchange.

The last photo is on the Exit 3 ramp. Just trust me that it's Exit 3.

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