California Roads - CA 47

CA 47

SB at the end of CA 47 in San Pedro, a former city that became part of Los Angeles.

NB across Los Angeles Harbor on the Vincent Thomas Bridge, which was once a toll bridge in both directions (when opened in 1963), followed by only westbound. The sign in the second photo once said "free direction" on the bottom, but that was removed when the WB toll came out a few years ago.

The toll area EB. Caltrans just striped the roadway through it without doing a whole lot to positively channelize traffic. Some measure of pylons, cones, extra barrier, or just ripping up the concrete would have helped, but with light markings on a light surface, it can be difficult to see exactly where to go when the dark seams between concrete slabs are so readily visible. Based on the location of the toll plaza in the background, it seems the Ferry St. exit had a separate toll plaza.

SB on the east side of the harbor. For all of these photos, CA 47 has really been heading east-west, but gets going north-south once it spawns I-710.

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