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CA 4

CA 4 begins and immediately goes through a stack interchange with I-80, so quickly it doesn't even get an exit number EB (it's 1B heading WB). The next photo is EB Exit 1, and I include it here for the distance shown on the left sign. Rarely are fractions included after 2 miles, and the fraction numerals should be 2/3 the height of the integer.

CA 4 EB uses the original railroad underpass from both directions of CA 4, while the WB side gets a shiny new overpass. The last photo looks over Franklin Ridge toward Mt. Diablo to the ESE.

WB signs approaching Exits 6 and 5. The latter is for Cummings Skyway, which cuts a diagonal north toward the Carquinez Strait bridge on I-80.

EB at Exit 9 and looking south at the parallel railroad trestle over Alhambra Ave.

EB button copy up to Exit 12A, where the sign on the left is all that's original. The first two signs have a whole lot of patching going on. Center Ave. was built in the 1980s, so the signs may have been erected prior to that and left space for it. I don't understand why the distances needed to be patched on the first sign, unless it originally listed Pine, Morello, and Pacheco with three distances.

More EB patching, because CA 242 was part of CA 24 until 1989.

All the WB signs I was able to capture while heading east.

Over to Stockton, but not on CA 4 at all. CA 4 leaves its old alignment to follow the Crosstown Freeway through Stockton before returning to its old alignment. It's now named after Ort J. Lofthus, a Stocktonian who fought to have it completed east of Stanislaus Street. That finally happened in 1994, nearly 30 years after it was originally approved, but it still was a stub to the west. For this reason, CA 4 stayed on a surface road to I-5, then joined the new freeway over to CA 99 before dropping back down to the surface road. You can see here that the WB freeway, continuing under I-5 from CA 4, has three lanes of concrete but only two lanes striped, which then exit to Fresno Ave. This was because the freeway was intended to carry CA 4 west from here and would have needed all 3 lanes to do so.

Looking west from Fresno Ave., work is finally underway on the freeway extension in 2014, but it's not what was originally expected. It only goes to Navy Drive, in the heart of west Stockton's industrial area, and has no potential for future extension back to CA 4. It's only 2 lanes each way over Fresno Ave. on these bridge piers, so it can't carry the full traffic load. And instead of completing the Fresno Ave. interchange, the old ramps were removed completely!

Back on the stub freeway from the senescent Fresno Ave. ramp.

I took this photo from the part of the freeway that actually is CA 4, which lacked any button copy in 2014. This is Old St. Mary's Cathedral to the north.

CA 4 EB now exits CA 99 SB here, an arrangement that postdates these signs.

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