California Roads - CA 33

CA 33


Notice how the last two tildes are backward. Notice how the first tilde is patched. Please keep patching your tildes.

The last two photos continue north along a short CA 150 concurrency until the two routes split.

At and onto CA 150 WB; the first two photos are top and bottom of the same assembly.

Two out of three ñs is an improvement, but let's aim for 3/3. "Maximum speed" signs were phased out in the 1990s, so those left are showing their age.

What happened to the 'y'? Why are all these signs wrong? Why is there a glorified left turn on a freeway? Stanley Ave. barely has any decel or accel space, as it's the end of the road and an at-grade junction (NB flies over) that is barely channelized away from the mainline.

The last photo is on the ramp to Main St.

Button copy shields greet the end of the route, missing CA 1's concurrency with US 101. I liked the first photo so much that instead of making you click on the identical daylit photo above for it, I kept it here to make sure you saw it.

Onto US 101/CA 1
Onto Main St., Business US 101 Ventura
Onto CA 150
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