California Roads - CA 254/old US 101

CA 254, former US 101 - Avenue of the Giants

NB starts out with some button copy. The distance sign is not the special one.

SB ruins the streak. The 101 with the fading outline is on Ave of Giants at Maple Hills Rd.

Blame the SB sign for this one not being button copy where CA 254 NB crosses back over US 101 to continue the parade of tall trees. At least it's non-reflective.

Just south of there, the 1938 Bridge Creek bridge has a very decorative railing, seen facing south.

Looking east across the Eel River at its junction with its South Fork, I spy a 1910 railroad trestle.

Just before CA 254 ends, there's a stub that you can reach from Jordan Rd. Unfortunately, it didn't allow parking, so I just went back to CA 254 NB for the last photo. Wait, it's only restricted overnight? Oh, then let me turn around. (This is what actually happened, except I made it another exit north on US 101 before coming to this realization.)

Much better! How could I fail to bring you original white centerline and ancient bridge with a giant sinkhole?

Well, now you've got a name and a date, so I'll give you the crossing: Jordan Creek.

All northward-facing.

Back south to my unticketed car.

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