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Secret CA 244

CA 244 wouldn't have been secret if it was completed as a northeastern bypass of Sacramento as intended. The consolation prize is an overblown fully-directional interchange at I-80 and the east end of Business I-80 with a glorified ramp to Auburn Blvd.

There's only one good sign assembly on CA 244, but it's worth the drive. I-80 used to run through downtown Sacramento on what's now Business I-80 and what's now I-80 was born as the I-880 bypass. It's rare for a Business route to be a freeway its entire length, but the north-south portion of the route was not up to Interstate standards and CA gave up on trying to bypass it with a better road, so they downgraded it to the green shield instead. That took place around 1983, and these signs likely date to the same year. I don't know what's under the patch, unless it was "Sacramento" once.

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