California Roads - CA 242/old CA 24

CA 242, former CA 24


Notice the patch on the left sign? CA 242 was part of CA 24 until 1989.

The last two photos are left and right on the same gantry.

The road ends in a wye and the right branch of the wye then splits, with Port Chicago Hwy. actually to the east but merging separately with CA 4's Exit 15B instead of the mainline.

I compressed the fence in the second photo so I didn't have to compress the signs. With the centering of CA 24 in the last photo, I get the distinct impression that Caltrans simply added "TO" in 1989 instead of patching a CA 242 shield on. This impression is bolstered by the several miles of I-680 that intervene before junctioning CA 24.

Las Trampas Ridge is in the distance and I-680 is in the (right) foreground, about to be merged with.

CA 242 ends with no further hints of CA 24. Unusually, the mainline to I-680 has an exit number (1A) as well as to Gregory Lane (1B). The last photo is on the shared ramp with I-680 SB Exit 49.
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