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CA 24


West of the Caldecott Tunnel, to Exit 5. It took a long time to squeeze in a direct ramp to CA 13 SB next to Broadway, so originally both directions were reached via Exit 6 and that's why the distance sign has been patched so extensively.

Now east of the tunnel, including a view of an off-font sign on St. Stephens Drive NB at Exit 10. Why are there only two destinations on the advance sign? It's big enough for three and there are more than three ahead.

The best I could do photographing across the rail in CA 24's median, EB onto the Exit 15B ramp. Mt. Diablo Blvd. has never been renamed that I can tell, so I bet the sign was once just for Walnut Creek.

On the left branch, Exit 15A, toward I-680 NB, then bearing right toward Ygnacio Valley Rd. This branch used to be the CA 24 mainline until it was truncated here and the remaining piece numbered 242. CA 24 was truncated with the intent to reroute it to Pittsburg, but that seems unlikely to happen.
CA 24 WB
East to CA 242, former CA 24

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