California Roads - CA 238/84

CA 238 and CA 84/238

Photos are generally SB unless otherwise stated.

CA 238 NB disappears right as I-238 appears. Coincidence? Route 238 follows both internally, and Caltrans didn't want to have to maintain an Interstate that didn't match the underlying route number. Seriously, that was their rationale, and seriously, it was accepted. I accept the narrow I-580 shield but not the gross arrows that were added more recently to these signs. CA 238 was supposed to be the Mission Freeway from I-680 to this interchange, which may have made the whole route I-238 in the end. FHWA didn't approve the route and so it was never built, leaving stubs at I-680 (since removed) and a north end interchange where there's a CA 238 NB to I-580 WB mainline carriageway with ramps but empty space where you might expect I-580 EB to CA 238 SB. The empty space was later intended for a shorter Hayward Bypass that was also never built but resulted in the length of CA 238 in Hayward relinquished to the city, meaning it's technically not a state highway anymore.

After that deluge of text, you'll want to drown in this signal controller. It's as refreshing as the spray from an unusual fire hydrant on a summer day.

Near Decoto Rd., look south and find the triple peaks of Mission Peak, Mt. Allison, and Monument Peak. You'll have plenty of time, as it's a long straightaway.

Here is the promised CA 84 (WB)/CA 238 concurrency, NB/EB at the north end.

And here's the south end, SB/WB.

This railroad has been abandoned.

Narrow shields new and old on either side of the southern end of CA 238, though Mission Blvd. continues on. It was more of CA 238 until I-680 was built to bypass this stretch, and now eventually leads to CA 262. The patch on the shield is almost certainly from reuse, especially considering the sign is mounted in the dirt as an afterthought. I'm not sure about the patch on the sign, though. I-680 ended in Vallejo over what is now I-780 for awhile, so that's the possibility I'm going with.

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