California Roads - CA 237

CA 237

CA 82, El Camino Real, NB at Grant Rd. and the west end of CA 237.

The last two photos are left and right on the same gantry. The same very crowded gantry. What necessitated overlapping signs?

The rest of the freeway signs before the short surface street portion. I apologize for some of the into-sun, rearward facing photos, but half a sign is better than none, right?

Most of CA 237's capacity exits to I-880, and this narrow shield is over that ramp.

Surface street signs to the end of the road, with an oddly designed I-680 shield. The sign you can't read is (was) for Town Center Dr.

Just after the route begins, it's got button copy to head back down the road it began from. I'd like to know who designed the hideous sign at I-880 that nevertheless has a state-name shield, something the older sign (dating to CA 17) can't claim.

Another sign patch, this for a second option lane widening the exit.

The last two photos are left and right on the same bridge. Technically, CA 237 is still straight ahead until it gets to CA 82, and technically, both directions of CA 82 can be reached there, so at least the left sign should be "TO."
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