California Roads - old CA 209


SB on Catalina Blvd. from Caņon St. into Point Loma, with CA 209 still well-posted. In fact, between the old route and intersecting roads, CA 209 may as well be considered a current route, despite having died in 2003.

Two examples of CA 209 remaining on overhead street name signs, the first from Electron Drive WB in Point Loma, and the second close to the north end of the old route and Old Town San Diego.

NB out of Point Loma and along Caņon St. to Rosecrans St., all of the turns that CA 209 took neatly encapsulated in this run. I find the last street pole interesting, as there are some very old street signs on top but a pedestrian pushbutton integrated below. Either this is a very early pushbutton, or the old signs were purposely relocated on a newer pole.

Continuing NB through the area of San Diego known as Loma Portal, for obvious reasons, and past the Loma Theater, named for obvious reasons as well (and now a bookstore). The last two photos are on opposite sides of the road, and clearly are not providing the same information.

However, at least the standalone shields were accurate. Rosecrans St. continues straight as CA 209 bears left on Camino Del Rio to merge with I-8. But there's a direct ramp to I-5 NB that way. Straight ahead, and only after more surface street, is the entrance to I-5 SB. (Incidentally, coming from Rosecrans St., you're much better off following the independently mounted shield and turning right on Sports Arena Blvd. All traffic should go that way, but there's an island allowing only right turns.)

Some SB photos in the same area. I believe the Sports Arena overhead was button copy, but it's hard to tell 30 minutes past sunset.

Sports Arena Blvd. EB at former CA 209. Again, the sign to I-5 south follows Rosecrans St., requiring a turn to get to Pacific Highway, old US 101 and thus a well-built road. Pacific Hwy. becomes a mini-freeway until it spits out ramps to and from I-5 to the south. (This gives a clue to which parts of I-5 were constructed earlier vs. later.)

The end of the former highway, NB. California doesn't use Series E on shields as a matter of course, so this is an oddly proportioned error.

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